EH482: Pre-Modern Paths of Growth: East and West Compared, 1000-1800 – Indicative reading


  • M Olson, ‘Big bills left on the sidewalk: why some nations are rich, and others poor’, Journal of Economic Perspectives, 10:2 (1996) Here
  • E L Jones, Growth Recurring: economic change in world history (1988; 2nd edn, 2002)
  • M Mann, The Sources of Social Power, Vol I (1987)
  • D North & R Thomas, The Rise of the Western World (1973)
  • K G Persson, Pre-industrial Economic Growth (1988); I Wallerstein, Historical Capitalism (1983)
  • P Anderson, Lineages of the Absolutist State (1974)
  • T Aston & C Philpin (Eds), The Brenner Debate: agrarian class structure and economic development in pre-industrial Europe (1985)
  • S R Epstein, Freedom and growth. The rise of states and markets in Europe 1300-1750 (2000)
  • J De Vries, The Economy of Europe in an age of crisis, 1600-1750 (1976)
  • G Deng, The Premodern Chinese Economy (1999)
  • T C Smith, The Agrarian Origins of Modern Japan (1959)
  • K Pomeranz, The Great Divergence: China, Europe, and the making of the modern world economy (2000)
  • A G Frank, ReORIENT: Global economy in the Asian age 1998)

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