Preliminary Reading for Economic History Courses

The following general list is recommended, but not required, reading for prior to arrival:

  • J.L. Anderson, Explaining Long-term Economic Change (1991)
  • J. Blaut, Eight Eurocentric Historians (2000)
  • E.L. Jones, Growth Recurring (1988) Chaps 1 & 2
  • D. Landes, The Wealth and Poverty of Nations (1998)
  • D.C. North, ‘Epilogue: Economic Performances Through Time’ in L. Alston, T. Eggerston and D. North (eds.) Empirical Studies in Institutional Change (1996) (available here)
  • K. Pomeranz, The Great Divergence: China, Europe and the Making of the Modern World Economy (2000) esp. introduction (partially available here)
  • L. Pritchett, ‘Divergence Big Time’, Journal of Economic Perspectives (1997) (available here)

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One Response to Preliminary Reading for Economic History Courses

  1. duncanseconomicblog says:

    Look’s a great course. Finally off to a masters myself in October. Part-time for two years at Birkbeck (contemporary history) , I’ve been meaning to for years but never been in a job where I can be sure of free evenings until now.

    Just picked my options for this year last week – empire,state and nation, globalisation:an historical introduction and China and the West from 1600-2000. One more option to choose for 2011/12 and the small matter of pinning down the thesis topic.

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